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Precision Custom Counters, LLC is Central PA's Countertop Store.  Browse below to see what we can offer you with your next project!  

Free Estimates

Absolutely free estimates!  Call us anytime to schedule an appointment to calculate the price and review options available for your new counters.  At Precision Custom Counters, LLC, we value the opportunity to sit down and talk to you about any questions or concerns you may have.  We want you to understand exactly what your paying for, so you can fully enjoy the design of your dreams!

Custom Countertops

At Precision Custom Counters, LLC, we make sure that all of our finished products are built to last.  This devotion to quality starts with the hand scribing process to ensure a precise and custom fit every time.  Scribing allows us to measure the contours of the wall and eliminate unsightly gaps due to irregularities or aging structures.

Placement of a laminate seam is a commonly overlooked feature for most customers.  The seam of the counter is where two pieces of laminate join.  One of the biggest decisions a customer can make is where the seam is located.  Our counters are made to eliminate any seams when possible, or we will work with you to find the best option for your specific project!


Take advantage of any of our backsplash options free of charge.  The three(3) options we provide are built-on, loose, and "right against the wall" backsplashes. 

        Built-on = secured to back of counter to prevent separation

          Loose = backsplashes made to size and installed on top (commonly glued)

          RAW "right against wall" = clean finish tight to the wall (best when using tile)

  Backsplash options may be suggested by our professionals to accommodate your existing kitchen or any other remodeling you might have in the future!

Special Edging

Take your new Counter to another level with special edging.  Specialty edges bring the best out of your top by adding style and elegance.  These edges can provide a variety of different looks from beveled edging, as seen in the picture, to crescent edging which provides a rounded edge.  Ask us about other options and their availability!  Click on the picture to view more!

Rounded and 45 Degree Corners

Limit the sharpness of a corner by rounding it!  Rounding corners increases safety on some of your rooms main walking routes.  Protects against collisions on the corners you or your kids go around the most!

Undermount Sinks

Eliminate unsightly caulking and warping that many drop-in style sinks tend to have issues with!  Premium undermount sinks are built into the counter itself, with the laminate surface and top edge of the sink bowl bonded together, leaving a seamless sleek finish.  Undermount sinks increase your counter space and make cleaning around the sink quick and easy!  Click on the picture to browse selections from Karran and check their website for all available laminate undermounts!

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